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Woman’s voice: From DisArt Productions, it’s DIStopia.

Christopher Smit = CS (interviewer)

Mike Ervin = ME (interviewee)


CS: Hi Folks, this is Christopher Smit, the host of the new podcast DIStopia. Every episode of DIStopia takes a real, sometimes irreverent look at the world of disability. Now, our premier episode will be released at the end of April. But we wanted to give you a special preview of some of the things you can expect to hear from the podcast. In that first episode, a conversation between me and activist, playwright, critic, Mike Ervin. Ervin writes the blog, Smartass Cripple which Roger Ebert once called “some of the fiercest and most useful satire on the web”. Here’s part of a conversation that Mike and I had about why he is an activist, why he does what he does.

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ME: I remember one guy said to me “I’ll slap that grin off your face” and another guy said, “There’s a reason God does what he does, Pig.” So those were the two times when I actually felt physically threatened. But that’s how people reacted when you challenged what Jerry Lewis was all about and it really tells me not only how sacred that whole charity thing is but what a huge fear that that whole thing covers up because the reason people are so attached to it is because they don’t want to deal with the larger questions and they just sort of buy it away with charity. And when you take that option away from them and force them to deal with what do we do with Disabled folks in their presence it really angers them. I still don’t quite know why, but I certainly see that it angers them.

CS: Well, it critiques the narrative. It critiques the narrative that everybody’s bought into and everybody’s use to and so if the cripple isn’t pliant and smiling and innocent and whatever, then you shatter a worldview that’s been pretty beneficial for a lot of people.

ME: A lot of privilege is built on that and a lot of things are built on that. So that shows me that it’s all the more reason to shatter it because it’s really protecting some really ugly things.

CS: Yeah. Exactly, exactly.

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