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Transcript: [Rock Music playing] Woman’s Voice: From DisArt Productions, it’s DIStopia.

[Music continues to play in the background]

Christopher Smit = CS (Interviewer)

CS: Hi folks. It’s Christopher Smit. The host of the new podcast, DIStopia. That’s D – I – S topia. Every episode we look at Disability culture from the inside out. If you’re sick of seeing Disabled people represented in pop culture as villains or psychos or misfits or inspirational. If you live a life that’s different from everybody else around you and just can’t make a connection. If you need a place to rant and bitch about living with a disability. If you need a place to learn about the history of disability culture. If you need to be inspired not by somebody simply buying a cup of coffee at Starbucks or tying their shoe, but by somebody who’s actually changed the world we live in, then this is your place. This is your podcast.

This is it. A podcast finally by us and for us. Every episode will include a conversation between me and a disabled artist or activist; a real stakeholder in Disability culture. And, we’re going to hear from you. You telling your stories about what it really means to live the Disabled life. The adventure begins at the end of April and we hope you’ll join us. Talk to you soon.

[Music plays louder and then fades]

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Photo Permissions: Anthony Tusler & Tom Olin

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